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🎄Christmas Sale 49% Off-Christmas Money Cash Gift

🎄Christmas Sale 49% Off-Christmas Money Cash Gift

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😍Imagine how excited the kids would be when they circled around the Christmas tree and found their presents right in front of them?

💵These sophisticated and cute personalized note holders can hold any note.

🌟Just roll the paper strip into a sausage and slide it over the prongs.

Or fold it up and put it in the gap

💕Personalized carved money and chocolate tree decorations are a fun and exciting way to give money and chocolate as gifts this Christmas.

🎄Material Closes To Nature: these Christmas hanging decors are mainly made of wooden material, which is reliable, long-lasting, not easy to break or deform, and can give you a good user experience.

👍Carved wooden gifts with a variety of styles to choose from, give them to your loved ones!


  • Material: wood
  • Craftsmanship: Laser engraved, planar printed( "Penguin, Colorful Santa, Snowman, Colorful elk" is a flat printed process), and polished 


  • 1 ×Christmas Money Cash Gift(Not including money and chocolate)

These beautiful ornaments are the perfect keepsake or gift for your relatives! 

Feel everyone's happy moments!

🎄Fun and exciting way to give a gift card as a gift this Christmas.

To avoid Christmas logistics delays, don't hesitate to buy now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will these wood products have thorns?
A: Absolutely not! Rest assured, each product has been polished and polished many times, so there will never be a problem with wood thorns.

Question: Can the price be any cheaper?
Answer: I'm sorry, each of our products is made of high-quality materials that have been carefully selected, and will only be sent after three layers of manual screening. And 5% of each order will be donated to UNICEF to help more homeless children in the world get some warmth.
Of course, if you buy more than 20 pieces at a time, we will offer a 10% discount and free shipping.


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