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"Good day ladies, are you tired of fussy cosmetics cases that lack organization? Fear no more, I've discovered the perfect solution to your dilemmas!"

Ladies of lovely looks, I urge you to indulge forthwith in no-fuss luxury. Tame the Terror of Traveling with This Trouble-Thwarting Toiletry Tote

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Chaos and confusion await the gal on the go who grams her grooming gear in a haphazard heap. But not if she's clutch carrying this cunning cosmetic case! With dual domains to deposit beauty basics in neat rows, absolutely nothing gets lost or left behind.

You'll feel first-rate ferrying this fail-proof friend fabricated from tough, tidy textile,wide handle,easy clean. Its dimension dexterity dovetails daily deeds or dashes to destinations distant.

The ideal item to ignite instant internal inclination? Its instrument isolation innovation: a private pocket perfect for protecting priceless powders from penetrating porous tools. Now dab and daub to your heart's delight damage-free.

Drawstrings swing smoothly so you can sleuth each supply in a split-second sideglance. Unzip the capacious cavity and every essential is in evidence at a moment's motion.


Material: PU LEATHER

Pattern: Plain

Processing methods: Soft surface

Hardness: Soft

Color: Pink, White,Gray,Green


Double Layer— L 9.44" x W 5.9" x H 6.29"(L 24 x W 15 x  H 16cm)

Portable— L 6.7" x W 3.54" x H 5.3"(L 17 x W 9 x  H 13cm)

Each item will have very slight variances from the pictured bag, and the consequence is that you can ensure that each one is unique.

Care for Pebbled, Smooth, and Croc-Embossed Leather

Do a quick cleaning every other day, briskly sweeping your leather bag with a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth.
Once or twice a year, do a more thorough cleaning to remove dirt buildup.
Wipe down your leather bag with our Leather Spot Cleaner and Conditioner made specifically for leather.
To clean dirt, buildup and other surface contaminants, apply a small amount onto a lint-free cloth. Rub in a circular motion until fully coated. Dry for 1 hour. Apply more coats if needed. Let cure for 24 hours.
    Store it stuffed and upright, in a dust bag to keep its shape.

      LWG Certified

      Leather Working Group is the world’s leading environmental certification for the leather industry. It affirms that our leather is tanned in an environmentally responsible way.SATVEE is committed to sustainability, and the System Tote is no exception. The leather used in the bag is sourced from a Gold-certified tannery that meets strict environmental standards, and the bag itself is made to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.


      Fewer, better

      We believe time is the new luxury. Fewer, better celebrates a style of life valuing a simpler, smarter way. Designed with longevity and made responsibly, each piece is made for everyday ease so that you love what you wear.

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